And so it begins again… the building of the new studio.

And so it begins… The new wet studio has been started.

Shades Textiles has moved to Griffin GA, after 25 years in Marietta GA. We are rehabbing a building built in 1933 as a sock factory, then a roller skating rink, and for a while a business owned by my parents, Yours Truly, operated in this building. Now, it is becoming my new home and studio.
First things first, getting the wet studio ready to dye all the fabric for The Tokyo Dome International Quilt Festival in January is my priority. To do this job, required fixing the floor first. The slope of the floor was not toward the floor drain in this old industrial kitchen. We added a level to the floor that all slopes toward the middle of the room, and painted the floors with several coats of Glidden White Polyurethane Floor Porch & Floor Paint. The last layer, we added some sand for a non slip surface. Once everything is in place, we might do one more layer to touch up any scratches. So far, we have tested the floors with water, and the sound of it trickling into the floor drain was music to my ears.
Next was some plumbing work. The old kitchen had old CPVC pipes that sagged and looked like they would snap the first time we touched them… This room is adjacent to where the water line enters the building, and the hot water heater. 10 shiny new 3/4 inch Copper pipes and new SharkBite fittings were purchased and installed. While I have typed, all 4 washers for that room have been installed, and the standard laundry room, with connections for 1 washer, and 1 dryer is painted and refreshed, and a floor sander is working on the old hard wood floors in the cutting room.
This is the first of many post I will be sharing about this new adventure. I have 9,025 Sq Ft to rehab.


Today, in the studio…

We completed the process on the following pieces of fabric. After dying all of the fabric, it is washed,  dried and packaged. In that process we scan all of the pieces. Here is a peek at the fabric we finished today. These pieces are a couple of sizes. Most are 3 meter pieces, that are cut to a couple of smaller sizes and packaged for sale that way. The ones that are kind of “Bullseye” are known as “Hula Hoops”.  This style is dyed in it’s final size, in this case 20 X 20 inch pieces. There are also 4 pieces in the bundle when I dye it but we only scan 1 piece. These pieces are going in a couple of directions, in general, I am building stock for the Tokyo Dome show in January.


My year in fabric.

As 2015 draws to an end, I reviewed my first almost full year of a new cataloging system for the hand dyed fabric I create. It is funny how a new tool in one part of the studio can change an old process. About a year ago, I leased a new printer. A Cannon Image Runner. It is like the kind of machine you find in the self service area of a FedEx office. And it is a great big fast high resolution scanner. It has been the best way ever to document the fabric I dye. Most of it is pressed when I get the order, so I never have a lot in my booth at the quilt show.

The following represents 18 pages of images, 8 wide by 5 tall or 40 per page. Or, 720 images. Most images represent a 3 meter piece of 100% cotton fabric. But, some styles are dyed in other styles. The “Circular style” AKA, a “Hand Dyed Hula Hoop” is side in it’s final size, 20 X 20 inches, 40 X 40 inches, or 110 X 110 inches.

My secret www life.

Here is my secret, I am a list maker/graphic artist/database making/DIY doing kind of gal who finally met her match and married the same kind of guy. This is the blog about what happens here, in the studio. Where, why and what, and how we do when we are not at the quilt shows.

I have a list, my WWW list. What is it, Where is it, and Why do we have it. It currently has about 500 things on it. I have a studio that is a 60 feet wide, and 110 – 115 feet deep , a simple large rectangle with a wall down the middle. On the map, there is one more room, we have a 400Sq Ft upstairs loft. About 80% of our space has standard 8 – 10 foot ceiling height, but 20% of the space has 35 ft ceilings and large warehouse windows. If you do not know where “IT” is, 26.2 laps around here looking for it is 1 Mile!

This list is kept in a sacred language for some old school Mac users, an application called “Filemaker”. It is a database application. My first copy came on 8 diskettes, and we have grown t
ogether. It is kind of like Excel with page layout out abilities. I made a grid on the map for every 10 Ft X 10 Ft area. Knowing that the I-beams and poles are on 20 foot spans, the grid made it easy to define an area. has been inspired by this list. I needed a guide, and schedule, theme for the blog. I printed out the map with the grid, and cut it apart, to make little tickets. All of the tickets are in a safe place. Every so often, and guest to the studio gets to pull a ticket, and select the n
ext grid for
the blog. We are on our second posting. The first was # D-7 Cutting Table #1, Easy!!! T
he second was #B-4, and this is what I got._DSC0137NOTHING. A wall with an large piece of duct work. This, I thought, This is what I get to talk about on my second blog post? THIS!! This is boring. #B-4 on the map, a hall way,  I get the white wall to talk about. And it hit me, this is exactly why I asked the grid to guide me, challenge me, – B-4 = BEFORE. Before and after is a perfect theme for the games second installment. So far, I have made a little video about the studio, featuring before and after photos.

And AFTER!!!

_DSC0141Having a organized space is very important. This week, we go the brackets up, under the HVAC duct and have organized our photo paper rolls. It is the perfect spot, Area B-4 is just around the corner from the photo studio. And the clearance under the duct makes the area rather unusable.

Next up #B-4! Yes, you heard that right #B-4 Or BEFORE!!

In this installment of we are looking at area B-4.

Just as I expected, the second number pulled will be a tough topic to make interesting. It is a wall that needs painting with a giant piece of ductwork hanging in front of it – making it difficult space to use. It is also on Alex’s to-do list, setting me up for a quick Before and After Post!

Here are some before photos of the studio… Recently, Alex asked me, why are their not more before photos? I said “Remember, why back when we used film? I was going to see several locations for a new studio space, and I only had one roll of film. I stood in the middle of the room and took a photo this way, turned 180 degrees, and took one that way, walked to next room, one more photo, and I was out of film”


B4before-030 B4before-042 B4before-043

And The winner for #D-7 is…

studiobingo about .Still001Linda from Lafayette, LA was the first winner! where the odds are good, but the goods are odd! A fun way for us to show your our studio, and give away prizes. The prizes will be odd and useful things you may have never know you needed inspired by the theme of the post. The theme is determined by picking a number from the gridded map that is our studio.

studiobingo about .Still002And What did Linda Win!!!

1 Brand new Rotary Cutter blade by Olfa in the 60MM size.

4 Awesome black squeeze clamps that we use at our cutting table.

And a $25 Chilli’s Gift Card.

Next up for Studio Bingo is # B-4

studiobingo about .Still003

Hummmm…. B-4? Before??

Check the next post for more about B-4.

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